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Studio artists

Studio artists

Katy Connor in her studio, photography by Lisa Whiting.

Spike Island is home to over 70 independent artists at different stages of their careers and working across all types of media. Our professional studios are subsidised, making them accessible to artists who would otherwise find it difficult to afford workspace.

The studios

We have a combination of individual and shared studios. All our studios are secure, and can be accessed 24/7. As well as a place to work, our studios provide a vibrant creative network — allowing you to forge new collaborations and gain peer support.

As a Spike Island studio holder, you’ll also have the chance to make national and international connections with our visiting artists and residents.

Studio Bursaries

We are now offering Bursaries to support artists who are currently underrepresented in the sector and our community:  those who are people of colour, identify as D/deaf, disabled or neurodivergent, or come from a disadvantaged socio-economic background. Eligible applicants will be entitled to a 25% discount on studio rental costs for the full term of their lease (five years). We will ask you to specify if you are eligible for the Bursary when submitting your application. These Bursaries are part of the West of England Visual Arts Alliance supported by Arts Council England.

Studio artists are also eligible for discounted membership of Spike Island Associates, our network of artists, curators, designers, writers and producers at all stages of their careers

Current studio artists

Apply for a studio

Apply for a studio
highly details and intricate large RESTORED KASHAN CARPET. DYED SHEEP'S WOOL EMBROIDERY.

David Chalmers Alesworth

Studio 108.2
An composite artwork by Cliff Andrade featuring a range of disparate images including family photographs, an image of Jesus Christ, pencil sketches and trees.

Cliff Andrade

Studio 110
Bright and colourful abstract painting

Vivienne Baker

Studio 100
A table set up for board meetings sits in an otherwise empty room with walls made of glass. It seems this room is the tallest for miles.

Peter Bobby

Studio 102a
Image of wooden sculpture on table

Harriet Bowman

Studio 44
Louise Bradley's studio (2021), photograph by Rebecca Goldman

Louise Bradley

Studio 84
Linda Brothwell, Conversations in Making. Photograph by Jo Hounsome

Linda Brothwell

Studio 27

Katy Connor

Studio 99
Two people sitting down with filled bright gloves attached to their bodies

Conway and Young

Studio 19a
An abstract painting: The canvas appears split in two horizontally - the top half is a sage green, the bottom is dull pink. Splashes of colour appear over the top, and just to the left of the centre is a rectangle of black that has a piece cut away to see more colour splashes through.

Victoria Coombes

Studio 33

Stephen Cornford

Studio 82
Photograph: A car window overlaid with a diagram of a pyramid.

Annabelle Craven Jones

Studio 32
Oil painting: Long wide brushstrokes have been used in the centre of the canvas.

Theo Cuff

Studio 76
A photograph of a man using recording equipment next to a level crossing. A car crosses the level crossing in a blur.

Matt Davies

Studio 97
Eleanor Duffin, A Phantom Limb (2020) Installation view, MIRROR Gallery, Plymouth, UK. Photograph by Garry Loughlin

Eleanor Duffin

Studio 31

Samuel Fordham

Studio 81a
Bryony Gillard, I dreamed I called you on the telephone (2021)

Bryony Gillard

Studio 80a
Martyn Grimmer

Martyn Grimmer

Studio 92
Image of wooden sculpture of a tree in a park

Rodney Harris

Studio 37
Michael Hayter, Baby (2020)

Michael Hayter

Studio 35

Colin Higginson

Studio 45
Two mechanical rowing oars bolted on the wall

Esther Hesketh

Studio 19c
Young In Hong, To Paint the Portrait of a Bird (2019) Metal cage, video projection, wood, sound

Young In Hong

Studio 22
Carol Jackman, Our Rivers II (2017), screenprint

Carol Jackman

Studio 101

Valda Jackson

Studio 94B
Marcus Jefferies, The Wilderness Tower (2020), steel, wood, reclaimed corrugated tin, Sharpham, Somerset

Marcus Jefferies

Studio 39

Olivia Jones

Studio 30

Éilis Kirby

Studio 95
Carol Laidler, I O In The Dark (2020), digital photograph and text. Courtesy the artist

Carol Laidler

Studio 79

Bo Lanyon

Studio 91
Jo Lathwood, Getting There (2018) Recycled timber. Installation at Fabrica Gallery

Jo Lathwood

Studio 41
Philippa Lawrence, Stack (2020)

Philippa Lawrence

Studio 21

Jack Lewdjaw

Studio 81b
A painting of a man and a woman dancing ballroom-style together. The woman wears a blue dress with white polka dots and the man is dressed all in black.

Angela Lizon

Studio 104
A collection of repeated photographs black and white photographs, alternating between a photograph of a torch and a hand covering the torch, spelling out morse code.

Garry Loughlin

Studio 78b
Woman wrapping cling film around forehead

Natasha MacVoy

Studio 99
Andrew Mania

Andrew Mania

Studio 102c
A collaged image of a deer in a field. The deer is made from various photographs of butchered meats.

Vic Moreton

Studio 105
Mirror installation reflecting sculpture and bright pink flowers

Huma Mulji

Studio 42
A 23 Trachyte plug of Esk Crater

Milo Newman

Studio 91c
Mahali O’Hare, Shopper (2020) Oil on canvas, 120 x100cm

Mahali O’Hare

Studio 96
Two glass structures on perspex

Kate Parsons

Studio 38
Simon Periton, New Normal 20 (2020) Collage detail

Simon Periton

Studio 109
Three abstract blobs on a dark background coloured in blue and orange. The orange is to the top left of each blob, each blob has a centre darker blue spot.

Laura Phillips

Studio 80b

Steve Dutton

Studio 36
Abstract image created using oil paint on canvas

Myrna Quiñonez

Studio 83
Joel Redman, Farm Land, Cape Town - “Day Zero” (2021)

Joel Redman

Studio 107
A oil on canvas painting with blue, pink and purple splodges. A triangle of tape sits on top of the painting.

Maggie Royle

Studio 106
Ben Rowe_Lost in Time & Space_2018

Ben Rowe

Studio 43
Image of Vicky Smith's work re:exposure

Vicky Smith

Studio 82
Colourful, curved tubes are suspended in air. A woman studies them.

Seamus Staunton

Studio 25
A print of a photograph of an amphitheater. The print is made from chalk on blackboard.

Emma Stibbon

Studio 93
Film still: A large black rectangle obscures most of the image. Behind the rectangle it looks as though a car is on fire.

Charlie Tweed

Studio 102b
Coccoon sculpture made of bio-plastic, dog hair, clay and rust by Veronica Vickory

Veronica Vickery

Studio 98
Black and White photograph of artist Kamina Walton in motion in front of wall of logs.

Kamina Walton

Studio 77
John Wood and Paul Harrison, This is the painting I was telling you about (2020) 91cm x 61cm, oil on board

John Wood and Paul Harrison

Studio 28
Nicholas Wright. My shadows’ pinched my sunhat

Nicholas Wright

Studio 85
person draped in chiffon curtain standing against window holding two babies in each arm.

Amak Mahmoodian

Studio 110a
Two people on right hand of photo backs turned looking at art in an artists studio.

Art In Motion

Studio 45

Mary Hurrell

Studio 94A

Harry Judge

UWE Bristol Graduate Studio 26

Lolly Deazley

UWE Bristol Graduate Studio 26
An installation featuring wood offcuts and a painting in the background

Max Silliton

UWE Bristol Graduate Studio 26

Lola Bennett

Bath Spa Graduate Studio 26

Lou Baker

Dreamtime Fellow Studio 26