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Victoria Coombes

Victoria Coombes

Vic Coombes, Ensign, 56cmx46cm oil on gesso on wood.

Studio 33

Victoria Coombes work is concerned with the manipulation of materials and surfaces. It Is neither figurative nor representational, it is more about inviting evocation/apparition.

Coombes’ studio practice involves a good deal of preparation particularly regarding the use of materials such as traditional hand made gesso juxtaposed with industrial paints. The method requires a truce between risk/restraint and caution/recklessness so that the inner life of the work comes about through denouements and happenstance. Paint is applied and removed in equal measure in search of apparitional discoveries or rediscoveries. Sometimes familiar fleeting images or resonances are found in the stains, fragments and traces. Coombes’ intention is that the viewer’s gaze is drawn beyond the immediate encounter of the work into a subjective, suggestive realm of meaning.

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