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Vivienne Baker

Vivienne Baker

Clunbury 1. 70 x 80cm oil on canvas. Courtesy Vivienne Baker

Studio 100

Concerning nature, landscape and places of personal experience, Vivienne’s paintings create a fictional space situated between the figurative and abstract. They capture the essence of a place, in a moment. The intrinsic qualities of oil paint are used to suggest the intangibility of dappled and reflected light through trees and water, within the abundance of nature. A painterly battle is played out on the canvas, between surface and depth. The resulting images emerge from the physical process of painting and are left open to interpretation.

Vivienne has exhibited and attended residencies in both the UK and internationally in the USA (Art OMI New York), Armenia (Armenian Biennale), China, Portugal and France (Triangle Marseilles).

She has work in the RWA’s permanent collection and has recently shown in The Fitzrovia Gallery London 2023, and The Safehouses Peckham, London, April 2024.

She is currently participating in the Turps Correspondance Course 23/24 for painters.

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