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Vivienne Baker

Vivienne Baker

Vivienne Baker, 'Infant River Monow 1' 2023 Oil on canvas . Photograph courtesy, Martyn Grimmer

Studio 100

Current paintings concern the experience of nature, landscape and place. Through the process of painting, Vivienne pushes reality towards an abstraction that plays with the intangibility of light and reflection. Situated between these two spaces, the figurative and the abstract, the work has it’s own particular language, creating a sense of tension, energy, buoyancy and a flamboyance of colour. Presence, memory and feeling are embodied in the process of painting, creating a fictional space between landscape and abstraction, which captures the essence of a place in a moment.

Vivienne has exhibited internationally in the USA, Armenia, China, Portugal and France. More locally she has been a winner of the RWA Painting Purchase Prize, showing in ‘The RWA Collection-Our Heritage Our Future’, Bristol 2021; and the RA summer exhibition 2021. She recently exhibited in The Fitzrovia Gallery, London in April 2023. She achieved a diploma in art and design from Barnfield College Luton in 1985, a BA Hons degree in Fine Art from Coventry Polytechnic 1985-1988, a foundation in art therapy from Bath College of F.E 1990, and an MA in printmaking from UWE Bristol 1998-2000.

She has participated in residencies in France (Triangle workshop), Portugal, UK (Shave Farm workshop) and New York (Art OMI).

She is currently studying on the Turps Correspondence Course 22/23.

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