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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Spike Island Open Studios 2019. Photograph by Lisa Whiting


To position art as central to society. Through a diverse artistic programme of exhibitions and interdisciplinary events; and by directly supporting artists and artist-led organisations through major new commissions, subsidised studios and sector-leading artist development opportunities that widen access to our programme and facilities.



To be a centre for the development of contemporary art and artists, and a place where artists and the public meet. This drives what we do; it is our fundamental purpose and what we strive to achieve. Our mission is derived from our charitable objectives, which are: ‘to advance the arts’; and ‘to promote the education of the public in the understanding and appreciation of the arts’.

Our Values

  • Community Everyone we engage with is considered part of the Spike Island community. Everyone is welcome, treated equally, and can benefit from or contribute to our work.
  • EXCELLENCE AND AMBITION Everything we do strives to be world-class. We are ambitious, set high standards and continually seek to improve.
  • SUPPORT AND NURTURE TALENT We identify and help develop emerging talent locally, nationally and internationally.
  • CHALLENGE/ INDEPENDENCE We maintain an independent spirit and actively support, produce and present challenging artwork and ideas.
  • SUSTAINABILITY We strive to be financially and environmentally sustainable by taking a forward-thinking approach to building improvements and maintenance, commercial activities and fundraising.