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Mahali O’Hare

Mahali O’Hare

Mahali O’Hare, Shopper (2020) Oil on canvas, 120 x100cm

Studio 96

Mahali O’Hare (b.1968) is a painter whose recent work takes its beginnings from classical still life. Solitary vases are overpainted with landscapes drawing on the myths of the forest, the English Pastoral, childhood hideaways and the landscape seen through the lens of art. The figurative nature of the vases wrapped in the natural world shift between inside and out, landscape and still life, portrait and figure. Through the act of painting the container’s preserve and re-wild territory, they are both personality and psychological state, garden and wilderness.

Selected for Exeter Contemporary Open 2019 and recipient of The Additional award. Group exhibitions include: Beep Painting Prize; Wells Contemporary Open; A Concentration of Power, Joost Van den Burgh (2018); RWA Open (2015); Discerning Eye (2014) Collaborators R O O M (2012); Fade Away, Transition Gallery and Gallery North (2011); Palimpsest, Cavancor Gallery Eire. In 2007 O’Hare was the recipient of The Rootstein Hopkins Artists award and presented a solo exhibition, Kindling Wood at Spike Island, Bristol.

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