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Natasha MacVoy

Natasha MacVoy

Natasha MacVoy, U&I, Eye Witness (2024). detail of installation within Eye Witness, Exeter Phoenix. Courtesy the artist

Studio 24

Natasha MacVoy explores ideas and motifs that relate to invisible labour, care and neurodiversity, through playful use of doubling, repetition and considered use of close-at-hand materials. Simultaneously highlighting universal experiences based on our perception of space, passage of time, processes of making, and how we might gather, hold and return to our thoughts.

Exhibitions; Eye Witness, solo show, Exeter Phoenix Gallery, 2024; U & I, solo presentation, Eastside Projects, Birmingham, 2023; Mum! Mum! Moving Image Commission, Exeter Phoenix, 2023; OUTPOST Members’ Show, Norwich, 2022; Blush, ASC Gallery, London, 2022; tibrO yalP, g39, Cardiff, 2022; My Kid Could’ve Done That, The Edge Arts, Bath, 2021.

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