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Natasha MacVoy

Natasha MacVoy

Natasha MacVoy, SHAME (2019), All the strip lights in the gallery (working and not) and white packing tape. Photograph by Max McClure

Studio 99

Natasha MacVoy is an artist, curator and collaborator who makes work about the activity of looking and alternative – non-visual – ways with which our bodies perceive. Drawing on personal experiences and observations, her work explores the limits of sight and site through a range of approaches including sculpture, installation and performance. Her work seeks to challenge boundaries and definitions, building communities and support in the process.

In 2018 she established HER MIT Projects, curating an ongoing series of pop-up exhibitions, events and conversations using readily available materials, locations and resources. Experimental projects include reconstructing a cigarette packet as a gallery for solo shows and Death Club, a monthly art and reading group, discussing death in order to learn how to live.

MacVoy graduated with BA (Hons) Fine Art, Cardiff University (2001) before moving to the French Alps to work as a freelance sports photographer for five years. She has an MFA from UWE Bristol (2009). Recent exhibitions include: Your phone is my gallery, live individual readings by the artist over the phone (2020-2021); UNITe Residency and Exhibition, g39, Cardiff (2019); Groping In The Dark, solo show, Test Space at Spike Island (2018); Reading (silently) in Public, a performance for Spike Island Associates: PRODUCTIONPRODUCTIONPRODUCTION, Tate Modern, London.

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