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Colin Higginson

Colin Higginson

Colin Higginson, From, In the Manner in Which it Appears (2021) Photograph by Colin Higginson

Studio 45

Colin Higginson’s art practice incorporates sculpture, installation, photography and film. He has an ongoing interest in the relationship between the image and the sculptural object and uses photography and film to mediate this relationship.

His recent work explores ideas of nature, nostalgia, imitation and authenticity. The work alludes to geology and archaeology, inquiring into how we engage with the natural world through objects, whether found, made, magical or mundane.

Collaboration – Jefferies and Higginson

Since 2011 Colin Higginson has regularly collaborated with Marcus Jefferies. Their work explores the relationship between architecture and memory through sculpture, photography, and installation. Their process often begins with transforming an archival image into an immersive, interactive environment, creating new narratives by reimagining the recent past.

Recently they have been working on large-scale Public Art Commissions in Bristol, notably for the Ventures Academy and at Abbotscroft residential development. They create inspiring sculptural-based work and installations that possess a strong sense of design and consistency.


Art in Motion (AIM)

Higginson is a founder and creative director of Art in Motion (AIM), a not-for-profit participatory arts organisation. AIM provides opportunities for artists with learning disabilities and those who face disabling barriers to engage with multidisciplinary contemporary arts, to explore ideas and concepts with a specific focus on heritage and the built environment.

AIM works in the public realm and provides opportunities for participants to develop skills, knowledge and creativity through engaging in a range of artist-led projects, which it shares with a wide audience through exhibitions, presentations and screenings.

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