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Art In Motion

Art In Motion

Dan Weill, Studio 45 at Spike Island Open Studios 2023 (2023)

Studio 45


Art in Motion (AIM) is a not-for-profit participatory arts organisation. AIM provides opportunities for learning-disabled artists and those who face disabling barriers to engaging in the contemporary arts.

We empower our artists to develop their artwork and reach their full creative potential.

AIM works in the public realm and provides opportunities for participants to develop skills, knowledge, and creativity by engaging in a range of artist-led projects, which it shares with a wide audience through exhibitions, presentations and screenings.

Current artists who are working with us at Spike Island include:

  • Jonathan Barr Lindsay
  • Betty Sargent
  • Dave Pearse
  • Beth Richards
  • Chris Rose
  • Louise Morgan

AIM is a registered charity, and we rely on funding and donations to provide our services.

Art in Motion Charitable Trust (Charity Number: 1194112)


For enquiries, email: