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Marcus Jefferies

Marcus Jefferies

Marcus Jefferies, Outpost (2017)

Studio 39

Marcus Jefferies was born in Bristol, UK, and studied fine art at Wimbledon School of Art, London. He currently works and lives in Bristol and is based at Spike Island Studios. Jefferies maintains a diverse practice that incorporates model making techniques, painting, sculpture, installation and design. Each field of interest informs the other to create intertwining relationships. The built environment often forms a backdrop to his work where new narratives are made through the exploration of site, scale and memory.

​Recent exhibitions include: Outpost, installation on the Somerset Levels, Host (2018). Plymouth Contemporary, Phase 3, installation with Colin Higginson, Karst (2017). The Rules of Exchange, collaboration with Colin Higginson, Arnolfini Gallery (2017). ‘Vista‘ group show, Gallery 8, St James, London (2016). The Kiosk Project, Bristol Art Weekender, collaborative installation with Colin Higginson (2015). Hannah More Primary School public art commission, Bristol, (2015). Test Space Open (2014), Spike Island. Perpetual City (2013) collaboration with Colin Higginson, commissioned by Spike Island for Spike Open. Sub-Woofer with Ancient and Modern (2012), Spike Island.

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