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Philippa Lawrence

Philippa Lawrence

Philippa Lawrence, Stack (2020) Forestry tree marker sprayed log pile. Photograph by Jon England

Studio 21

Philippa Lawrence’s practice embraces land and environmental art, the use of textiles in a fine art context, and the relationship between art, craft and design. Her philosophy is one of learning through making, engaging with studio practice as well as site-specific responses. Her interests relate to human relationships, material, labour, land and boundaries, with an increasing concern for the encroachment on wild spaces: public and geographic, private and internal.

Lawrence’s work pivots on material exploration, drawing out a material’s ability to carry metaphor and to speak of human experience. She explores the positioning of materials to mediate our understanding of site – a reactivation of space – and the materials she uses are context and research-led. Lawrence often works in collaboration with practitioners of threatened craft skills.

Since 2016 she has developed a relationship with Hestercombe House Gallery through a series of Dialogues and Disclosure seminars, and the exhibition Materiality: Provisional States (2019). Lawrence returned to Hestercombe to make Stack, 2020, following the first UK lockdown.

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