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Veronica Vickery

Veronica Vickery

Veronica Vickery, 'Cocooned', (2023) Fired estuarine clay, DIY bio-plastic, dog hair, rust. Photo courtesy VVickery

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Veronica Vickery lives on a narrowboat on the regularly flooding Bristol Avon.

She completed her MA in Fine Art at Falmouth University receiving the Sandra Blow Award (2010) and then an art-practice based PhD in Cultural Geography at University of Exeter (2016).

Her current work Life Without Air is funded by the Arts Council (DYCP). She is drawn to places and materials that are constantly changing: tidal mudflats, river detritus, floating carcasses, and rusty paint-pitted boats — finding echoes of her own lived experience in the wounds and fragilities woven into these material porosities.

She sees her work as an act of care responding to the need to materialise the often precarious complexity of human/more-than-human relations. This complexity takes form across media (including performance, sculpture and writing) and through curation and collaborative, discursive practice to choreograph a fleshy, layered, porous interaction between space, objects and audience.

Recent projects include curating a group collaboration ECO|CON (2023); large-scale installation at the Soap Factory (Bristol, 2020); screening of performance-to-camera in The Pavilion, Hauser & Wirth Somerset (2017); and work in the survey show Imagined Landscapes, Royal West of England Academy (2016).

She publishes academically.

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