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Pia Pack

Pia Pack

Pia Pack, Together ‘in the thistles’, acrylic on kitchen textiles, 50x40cm, 2024


Pia Pack’s work examines ideas surrounding motherhood and domestic life through an exploration of social interactions around the kitchen table; ‘Table Talks’. Pia combines familiar patterns and shapes with repetition and overlapping to create looseness and tension. Through these contradictions, she expresses a universal statement about the challenges and satisfactions of human relationships.  Her work speaks to engagement with family life, social expectations and daily patterns. Pia says of the works ‘There is no shying away from the beauty and oddities of family life in these paintings.’

Pia lives and works in Bristol and is represented by Gertrude. Pia studied painting at Wimbledon School of Art, Central St Martins and Bath School of Art and has been included in many group shows in London and in the U.S. In 2019, Alex Eagle invited Pia to take over their Soho studio with an exhibit entitled Table Talk. Whilst living in Los Angeles, Pia established the podcast ‘What Artists Listen To’ aimed at bringing artist’s studio practises to life and building a community amongst creatives in the city and further afield. This communal sentiment has been continued recently with an initiative in London entitled ‘The Binder of Women’, organised by Pack to unite a group of 11 women artists to create a portfolio of works together