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Steve Dutton

Steve Dutton

Flickering State (2016–22). Ink, acrylic, pencil, watercolour, glitter on canvas. 120cmx160cm. Photo by the artist

Studio 36

Steve Dutton is an artist and occasional curator who works on both collaborative and individual projects. He is currently developing a new body work under the working title of “the phantom industry” which is including drawings, sound works, animations, objects and texts. His work is difficult to classify, as it moves between various media, materials, processes and forms but it might be said to be a form of language-based practice which focus on acts of reading, speaking, writing and drawing.

In the past he has worked closely with Steve Swindells (Dutton and Swindells) since 1998, prior to which he was one half of the collaboration of Dutton and Peacock. Individual and collaborative projects have been exhibited throughout the UK and internationally, including The Stag and Hound at PSL in Leeds for which Dutton and Swindells were nominated for the Northern Art Prize. He has been published in the Journal of Studies in Theatre and Performance, The Journal of Writing in Creative Practice (2009) and the Journal of Visual Arts Practice (2007) along with many contributions to various magazines and publications including Fieldnotes and  Soanyway.

Steve’s curatorial collaborations include with Andrew Bracey on a project entitled ‘Midpointness’ which has had manifestations for the Lock Up Gallery in Newcastle, Australia, The Trans Art Triennial and Airspace in Stoke-on-Trent, UK. Other Curatorial projects include collaborations with Dr.Brian Curtin such as ‘Possession’ for Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre and ‘Unspeaking Engagements’ at Chulalongkorn Art Centre, Bangkok and LGP, Coventry.

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