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Carol Laidler

Carol Laidler

Carol Laidler, Tide Turns (2018)

Studio 79

Carol Laidler explores ideas surrounding narrative, memory, and perception. She is interested in the connection between things, in examining and highlighting the conflicting narratives that emerge within the history of a place or archival collection. She is curious about how the meaning of these narratives change in relation to context and to cultural experience.

Her work takes the form of site-specific installations, and involves sound, found objects, moving image and/or performance. She uses writing, photography and walking as part of the process.

She is a member of alldaybreakfast, an artist collective based in Bristol working within the area of situated art.

Recent work includes: Tide Turns (2018) film and | Bank | performance talk with Carolyn Black, both presented at Liquidscapes, Dartington Hall; The Bulletins of Miscellaneous Information sound installation with David Alesworth in Lawrence Garden, Lahore Biennial; Soundings (2017/18) sound and sculptural installation, written and produced by members of alldaybreakfast with Edson Burton, St Mary Redcliffe church; Changing Rooms (2017) sound installation in Primordial Soup with Pat Jamieson, Cleveland Pools, Fringe Arts Bath; Unlocked (2017) promenade theatre performance produced and written by members of alldaybreakfast, directed by Lily McLeish, Glenside Hospital Museum; Unlocked (2016-17) exhibition with alldaybreakfast, The Vestibules, Bristol City Hall and The Arcade, Bristol including the works Touched, Every Few Hours Someone Cries, Naming of Parts; The Time Machine (2016) alldaybreakfast happening/durational installation, Fringe Arts Bath; Beached (2016) installation/walk in collaboration with Pat Jamieson, beach hut, Dawlish Warren.

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