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Bea Kayani

Bea Kayani

Bea Kayani, 'Visions Of Science'. Courtesy the artist

Studio 111

With a strong focus on exploring and investigating the ideas of perception, identity, memory and time, through a post-conceptual, multidisciplinary approach, Bea Kayani is a multicultural artist, innovator and activist.

Exposure to the Middle-Eastern geometric abstraction at a very young age ingrained an insatiable love for the symmetry, repetition and patterns.

Over 16 years, Kayani has pushed the boundaries of traditional mediums to create digital/analogue works that combine unconventional materials and experimental digital technologies. The recurrent techniques in her long-standing experimental practice are faculties of collage, blur, abstract and figurative utilising mediums such as photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture, AI and code.

Kayani draws references from architecture, nature, sciences, poetry, literature, philosophy and current news. She often uses mundane and found materials and transient & ephemeral occurrences. A chance encounter that is often subjected to careful deliberation and a pristine dissection.

In 2016, a large-scale work by Bea Kayani was acquired by Museo del Mare, Lampedusa, Italy. She completed her Masters in Fine Arts (2017), UWE/SpikeIsland, Bristol, UK & started TAPS & Kosar Contemporary as the Founder & Director of peer-led continuous artist professional development initiatives in Bristol.

Kayani has exhibited world-wide since 2008.
instagram: @bea_kayani

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