Spike Island

Stop/ActionA Test Space Exhibition


22 to 28 November 2013



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Run and curated on an occasional basis by Spike Island artists, Test Space is a project space, showing both finished work and ideas and works in progress. 

Stop/Action is a week long show featuring four artists, Alex Dipple, Patrick Morrissey, Hanz Hancock and Rhys Coren, who came together through a complex process with social media as the pivot. They all share an interest in repetition and sequential movement that informs their work across different media including film, digital animation, paint and installation. Ranging from an exploration of reductive painting and worked constructions, through manipulation of print and digital media to drawing on subcultures of football and music, they intend to produce new experimental work in this project/showing space.

Morrissey and Hancock have recently been selected for this year's Frieze and Sluice, Dipple has just completed a successful show in Germany and Coren is to show at the Design Museum and Young London.