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Isaac Jordan

Isaac Jordan

Isaac Jordan's studio (2021) Photograph by Rebecca Goldman

Studio 75: Graduate Fellow 2020/21



Based between Manchester and Bristol, Isaac Jordan’s work presents fragmented, tentative images where at times nothing is as important as something. Working across painting, drawing, animation and collaboration; the artist’s work has been exhibited in shows such as BEEP Painting Prize, Swansea (2020); Why Smash Atoms, PS Mirabel, Manchester; Micro, AIR Gallery, Altrincham; and Fake Covers for Fake Music, Hilbertraum, Berlin (all 2019).

A quick Q&A with Isaac Jordan

Share a brief insight into your practice

My practice revolves mainly around small-scale paintings. I’m interested in the spaces between things, the gaps, the edges. Sometimes taken from certain films, the figures in my paintings could just as easily be dancing as they could be falling over.

Tell us about your process [in the studio]

I always make a painting in one sitting – but there are often other paintings/false starts underneath. I like to think of my painting process as a collection of thin layers that drift on top and underneath each other, eventually coming to some kind of rest. Perhaps momentarily caught in the surface of a boggy swamp. Often these under-paintings will make up the parts that I find most exciting in the painting.

What are you reading/listening to/watching at the moment?

I recently watched Daguerréotypes by Agnes Varda which is a great portrait of the street she lived on in 1970s Paris. We drift between the butchers, perfumers, bakery, accordion shop and a magician’s performance at the local bar. She connects everyone on the street through amazing visual clues and motifs.

A Bristol highlight: a favourite place or thing to do?

In Ashton Court there’s a tree which has jagged bark wrapping around the trunk in spirals. It feels like it should be high up on some rocky cliff and is a good place to eat a sandwich.

Graduate Fellows

Each year Spike Island offers fellowships to promising graduates.  These artists, selected from an open call to students, are offered studio space at Spike Island for a year. This opportunity aims to support and encourage young artists in Bristol as they begin to develop their professional practices.

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