Reto Pulfer

Knochenwesen (Bone Beings)

A limited edition of eight Raku ceramics – each unique and produced specifically for Reto Pulfer's solo exhibition at Spike Island, Gewässerzeiten.

The edition was created during a live performance by the artist using the traditional sixteenth-century Japanese technique called Raku – a process which reflects his interest in working with chance operations, as it consists of removing the pottery from the kiln while it is still glowing hot and then subjecting it to a fast cooling process in sawdust, which results in unpredictable crack patterns on the surface and intense colours.

As part of the live performance, the ceramics produced on the night were added to a large-scale net (reticulum in Latin), crafted from hemp rope, hand-dyed cotton ribbons and shoelaces, which has been hoisted like a giant sail in the main gallery at Spike Island.

Each of the eight Raku ceramics is unique, therefore if you wish to select your preferred edition prior to ordering, please let us know by email or phone +44 (0) 117 929 226.

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Artist Name: Reto Pulfer
Edition Title: Knochenwesen (Bone Beings)
Year: 2015
Edition of 8 unique objects
Materials: Raku ceramics, shoelaces
Dimensions: Variable
Provenance details: Certificate of authenticity

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