P. Staff

Chains (Wallpaper)

To accompany their exhibition, The Foundation, P. Staff produced a new limited edition artwork, Chains (Wallpaper).

The edition continues the artist's use of the chain motif which recurs throughout their film The Foundation. The edition references the theatrical set constructed for the video, where the print functioned as a draped backdrop in the dungeon scenes.

Re-designed as a repeating pattern, Chains (Wallpaper) suggests possible new usage as wallpaper or framed as a preserved fragment of a previously decorated interior. For Staff, specific materials evoke the Tom of Finland Foundation as a physical, architectural environment with both domestic and archival functions, and its complex, shifting state as a political, communal and libidinal space.

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Artist Name: P. Staff
Edition Title: Chains (Wallpaper)
Year: 2015
Edition of 35
Materials: Screenprint on Heritage Rag 300gms paper
Dimensions: 1100 x 520mm
Provenance details: Certificate of authenticity

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