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Reading Event: Natasha MacVoy and Carol Laidler with Caroline Vitzthum

Reading Event: Natasha MacVoy and Carol Laidler with Caroline Vitzthum

Natasha MacVoy, Your phone is my gallery (2020) (Extract)



Part of Spike Island Open Studios Online 2021

Your phone is my gallery by Natasha MacVoy is a script written during lockdown, which the artist previously shared by reading to the audience one at a time over the phone. MacVoy is interested in carving out intimate spaces for live art and opening up possibilities for where and how art is accessed, with a focus on connectivity and observation.

Carol Laidler’s Chimera States is a new piece of writing that meanders through ideas about consciousness and perception. Over the months she has been developing the work, she’s been reading passages to people in the dark, hoping to activate that state between sleeping and waking. It is intended eventually to be an all-night experience, but for now she invites you to listen to a short passage and drift.

We recommend using headphones for the full audio experience of this event.

Carol Laidler_2021
Copyright Carol Laidler


Carol Laidler’s practice spreads across different forms, combining site-specific installations, writing, performance, sound and photography. It considers words as material. She examines memory, perception, human existence alongside the more-than-human, the subjective character of experience. Can we ever really know what it is like to be someone or something else?


Natasha MacVoy is an artist, curator and collaborator who makes work about the activity of looking and alternative – non-visual – ways with which our bodies perceive. Drawing on personal experiences and observations her work explores the limits of sight and site through a range of approaches including sculpture, installation and performance.


Caroline Vitzthum is an interdisciplinary artist working with performance, sculpture, textiles and sound. Through the construction of a speculative reality setting surrounding her practice, she strives to summon energies from a more-than-human world, thereby challenging a patriarchal and exploitive attitude towards our environment.