Eric Baudelaire

When There Is No More Music to Write

This screenprint was created by Eric Baudelaire especially for the exhibition When There Is No More Music to Write at Spike Island.

The exhibition by Baudelaire and avant-garde composer Alvin Curran traced a musical revolution taking place at a time of great political upheaval in Italy during the 1960s and 70s. Curran is a key figure in the history of experimental music and has expanded the notion of what an instrument can be to include objects from nature and everyday life.

In 1964, Curran moved to Rome, where he met the Italian electronic music composer Franco Evangelisti, who told him: “Don’t you know that there’s no more music to write?” Over the years this phrase became key to Curran’s musical experimentation, opening up new horizons in his musical development, and leading him to embrace improvisation as a way forward.

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Artist Name: Eric Baudelaire
Edition Title: When There Is No More Music to Write
Year: 2022
Edition of 30
Materials: Screenprint
Dimensions: paper: 102cm x 76.2 cm; image: 84cm x 59cm
Provenance details: Signed

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