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Workshop: Found Footage and Abstraction

Workshop: Found Footage and Abstraction

Niyaz Saghari, VHS Diaries (2020) (photo: Pershang Shafigh) / Dani Landau, NALGAO (2018), Detail from Four channel video installation (photo: Dani Landau)



Inspired by Peggy Ahwesh’s current exhibition Vision Machines at Spike Island, members from BEEF (Bristol Experimental & Expanded Film) have devised a day-long workshop on the themes of abstraction, appropriation, fragmentation and manipulation.

For artists and filmmakers who are interested in using throwaway and found materials, this workshop gives a contextual background, alongside practical demonstrations using found Super8 and 16mm film. Applying similar techniques, participants will make and edit their own short film together. The group will also engage with Ahwesh’s exhibition and explore the techniques employed in her films before learning about more performative and “live” effects in filmmaking.

No prior experience of filmmaking is required to join this workshop. A full schedule and instructions will be sent to participants a week ahead of the workshop date.

This workshop is scheduled in partnership with Spike Island Associates, who can receive free tickets as part of their membership. Find out more about the Associates programme here.

Bristol Experimental & Expanded Film (BEEF)

BEEF: Bristol Experimental & Expanded Film is a film and sound collective with an analogue heart

Dani Landau makes media arts, especially documentary.

Laura Phillips makes performance, film, art and noises. She is also part of @viridian_ensemble.

Vicky Smith is an artist and academic who has worked in experimental animation for 30 years and has screened work internationally in galleries and at festivals.