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Ways of Working: Creative Business Journeys

Ways of Working: Creative Business Journeys

Ways of Working is an exhibition marking the culmination of the Network for Creative Enterprise (NfCE) – exploring the fundamental concepts of creativity, sustainability and community, asking: what allows a creative business to grow?

The exhibition, opening 7 June 2019 at Knowle West Media Centre, offers an opportunity to celebrate the region’s talent and learn from those on different steps of the creative journey.

The exhibition marks the culmination of the Network for Creative Enterprise (NfCE), a programme that has offered practical support to creative individuals and enterprises across Bristol and Bath, helping them grow into sustainable businesses.

The Ways of Working exhibition explores how creatives enrolled in NfCE have trodden the difficult road to building a business: from the key milestones – naming a business to expanding a team – to the highs and lows, successes and failures.

Data visualisation expert Dr Michael Johnson, from the Glasgow School of Art, has used a unique set of tools to map members’ journeys, digging deeper to unearth inspiring stories.

In addition to exploring the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of developing a business, Ways of Working offers a chance to see, touch and play with products and prototypes developed by NfCE members. Presented at various stages of production, they bring creative ideas to life: from talking picture books to 3D photography.

Whether you’ve been involved in the NfCE scheme, are looking for inspiration for your own idea, or are curious as to what makes a creative business grow, the exhibition offers a place to talk, share and network, as we shape a creative business community for the future…

The exhibition is situated in the main exhibition studio at Knowle West Media Centre. It opens with a preview evening on Thursday 6 June and is open Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm, until September 2019 (closure date to be confirmed).

Preview: Thursday 6 June

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The Network for Creative Enterprise (NfCE) is Spike Island; The Guild (Coworking Bath)Knowle West Media CentreUWE Bristol and Watershed.