Spike Island

FohhnD-4.750 DSP amplifier, 4+2 channels

High quality and powerful Fohhn DSP amplifiers offer a host of possibilities to adapt your sound system to room acoustics. Full software control with an extensive speaker database, matrix switiching for channel routing and a full suite of audio processing tools.
* 4 input channels
* 4 amplifier outputs, each with 750W at 4 ohms
  (output channels 1-4)
* 2 DSP Aux outputs (output channel 5+6)
* State-of-the-art CLASS D amplifier technology
* 5 premium audio tools such as Parametric EQ are integrated
* Integral speaker database for maximum operating reliability
* Remote monitoring/operation with Fohhn-NET and Fohhn Audio Soft
* Minimal heat development, extremely quiet fans
* Fohhn Mains Control - integrated mains supply monitoring

Please contact us for advice or to discuss your installation requirements.

Hire enquiry contact -andy.moss@spikeisland.org.uk

£30 per day / £90 per week

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