Spike Island

Michael Simpson Flat Surface Painting


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Published by Spike Island

Designed by James Langdon

ISBN 978-0-9574490-3-9

Hardback, 72pp

265 x 280mm

Featuring 50 colour illustrations

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Flat Surface Painting at Spike Island, 16 January – 27 March 2016.

Michael Simpson, Flat Surface Painting is the first comprehensive catalogue of the artist's work to date. Rooted in a fascination with fifteenth century Venetian and early Flemish Painting, and inflected by the formal restraint and reduced palette of Minimalism, Simpson had developed a distinctive, darkly comedic artistic vocabulary with which to create works that move beyond their subject matter to question the nature of painting itself.

Texts by Helen Legg, Craig Burnett and John-Paul Stonard