Melissa Gordon

The Daily News RIP (Connecticut Courant, October 29, 1764), 2013

Melissa Gordon’s The Daily News RIP (Connecticut Courant, October 29, 1764), 2013 is part of a series of art works that take their inspiration from journalism. Taking the grid structure from the front page of a now defunct newspaper, the artist removes all information except for the structuring lines and columns. These elements form the composition of the work, which Gordon creates by pushing paint through blank silk screens that would usually have an image exposed onto them. By combining these techniques, the artist blurs the line between the mechanical process of print and the handcrafted nature of painting.

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Artist Name: Melissa Gordon
Edition Title: The Daily News RIP (Connecticut Courant, October 29, 1764)
Year: 2013
Edition of 15
Materials: Full colour screen print
Dimensions: 700 x 500mm
Provenance details: Signed

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