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The Syllabus 2016-17 at Eastside Projects

The Syllabus is a collaboratively produced alternative learning programme which aims to reach artists with a range of practices and artistic approaches and bring together individuals from a wide geographic spread across the UK. It is delivered through a partnership between Wysing Arts Centre, Eastside Projects, Iniva, The NewBridge Project, S1 Artspace and Spike Island.

Launched in 2015, each Syllabus supports ten artists across ten months with a programme centred around a series of intensive gatherings. These are delivered by artists, curators, writers and other practitioners, and hosted by each of the partner venues. The Syllabus is selected through an open call.

Syllabus V (2019–20)

Nine artists have been selected for Syllabus V, a national, collaboratively-produced alternative learning programme, delivered by Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge; Eastside Projects, Birmingham; Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts), London; S1 Artspace, Sheffield; and Spike Island, Bristol. For Syllabus V, The NewBridge Project, Newcastle, have joined as a guest partner.


The selected artists for Syllabus V are: Sophie Blagden, Juliet Davis-Dufayard, Yuxin Jiang, Hwa Young Jung, Sarai Kirshner, Jack Lewdjaw, Sarah Maple, Duncan Poulton and Aliaskar Torkaliaskari.

Now in its fifth year, Syllabus V provides a learning programme for artists over a ten month period and is supported using public funding from Arts Council England. Syllabus is developed collaboratively with the participating artists, the partner institutions and the artistic advisors, who this year are Barby Asante and Louise Shelley.

The Syllabus V artists work across a range of practices, from sound, filmmaking, drawing and installation to curating and participatory projects. Their work researches diverse topics such as migration, race and representation, the climate crisis, and the post-digital. The nine selected artists live and work across the UK, including Liverpool, Croydon, Sheffield, Bristol and Crawley.

Syllabus alumni (2018-19)
Syllabus alumni (2018-19)


The full list of alumni and sessions from previous years of The Syllabus are available at Wysing Arts Centre website.

Syllabus alumni


Scott Caruth, Libita Clayton, Jessica Coleman, Bettina Fung, Laura Hindmarsh, Beth Kettel, David Lisser, Alicja Rogalska, Kirsty Russell and Abigail Sidebotham.


Frederica Agbah, Chris Alton, Conor Baird, Ilker Cinarel, Phoebe Davies, Freya Dooley, Rose Gibbs, Jill McKnight, Ben Sanderson and Karis Upton.


Mira Calix, Faye Claridge, Mike Harvey, E. Jackson, Tyler Mallison, Nika Neelova, Tom Smith, Dylan Spencer-Davidson, Thomas Whittle and Laura Wilson.


Simon Bayliss, Noel Clueit, Susie Green, Mathew Parkin, Rory Pilgrim, Jessica Sarah Rinland, Tom Salt, Lucy Steggals, Tom Varley and Rafal Zajko.

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