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What’s on for Spike Island Associates this April

Clockwise from top left: David Chatton Barker; Moyra Davey reading group; Matilda Moors Come As You Aren't (2019) Photograph by Sam Keelan; Oliver Sutherland

What’s on for Spike Island Associates this April

Spike Island Associates have a variety of talks, workshops and presentations to experience this April.

Artist David Chatton-Barker presents his work and Folklore Tapes project; gallerist Dennis Hochköppeler introduces us to the art scene and historical legacy of Köln and Düsseldorf; and artist Oliver Sutherland leads an audio recording workshop. Associates can also join a reading group on Moyra Davey’s The Wet and The Dry and attend one-to-one sessions about their work with artist and educator Matilda Moors.

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