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Atomic Smash is sponsoring desk space at Spike Island Workspace

Photograph by Max McClure

Atomic Smash is sponsoring desk space at Spike Island Workspace

Atomic Smash has announced the sponsorship of desk space at Spike Island Workspace – the same co-working space where Atomic Smash first set up shop as WordPress and WooCommerce specialists over a decade ago.

Atomic Smash will cover the full desk space costs for 12-months so that the recipients can concentrate on developing their business, with the option – but no obligation – to continue as users in Spike Island Workspace after the sponsorship ends.

Spike Island Workspace is the perfect location for emerging or micro-businesses who are ready to develop and establish themselves further. Working from the space expands your connections and opportunities for growth, as you join a dynamic and diverse community of artists and creative businesses.

This sponsorship is aimed at:

  • a creative business founder or co-founders
  • a creative professional or creative pair
  • a person or pair who will benefit from being based at Spike Island Workspace and taking advantage of the creative and commercial opportunities that this brings

The sponsorship is open to all creatives who would benefit from the opportunity and we welcome and encourage applications from people of all backgrounds.

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Are you a creative who could benefit from this sponsorship?

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About Atomic Smash’s history with Spike Island

Piers Tincknell, co-founder and MD of Atomic Smash, shares his story:

Q: How did you find the space originally?

A: I initially found an advert for Spike Island Workspace (then known as Spike Design) on Gumtree when I was searching for cheap desk space in Bristol. I had no idea what a gem I’d stumbled on at the time.

Q: Can you remember how it felt moving into the space?

A: When we moved in, it instantly felt like home, and coming from a University background, the space just felt right. It was creative, spacious, quiet, and it felt like people in there were getting work done and making progress, which was exactly what we wanted. It also felt very inspirational and vibrant. We couldn’t wait to move in!

Q: What did this do for Atomic Smash commercially?

A: It accelerated our growth because we instantly were part of a network of people who needed help with digital and we were eager to get stuck into some work. Without Spike Island Workspace, I think we would have really struggled to get off the ground. 

Q: Why is a creative co-working space beneficial for creative businesses?

A: Working at a creative co-working space gives you:

  • an instant network of professionals
  • inspirational stories and moments shared
  • a place to bounce ideas and meet people who have already been on your journey… even if they are just 3 months ahead, there’s a lot to learn
  • a chance to make real friends with people you would never get to meet otherwise

Q: How and why did you come up with the idea of sponsoring a desk?

A: I was thinking about how much Spike Island Workspace helped us to get going and how valuable it was to the success of our business. It just felt right to be able to give that opportunity to someone else. 

Q: What do you want to achieve through this sponsorship?

A: I’d love to see someone who otherwise would not have had this opportunity take it and benefit from all the value that being part of a creative hub gives you.

Q: How does it feel to go full circle with this desk sponsorship?

A: It feels right to give back to the community and help inspire the next wave of creative businesses or small business owners in the city. We love being part of Bristol’s creative scene and want to do everything we can to help make it accessible to as many people as possible.

About Atomic Smash

Atomic Smash is a growing Bristol-based agency of 16 people, led by co-founders Piers Tincknell and David Darke. As a studio of WordPress and WooCommerce specialists, Atomic Smash helps its clients achieve their commercial goals through constant evolution and improvement of their websites. Atomic Smash recently launched new WordPress sites for The Grand Appeal and SS Great Britain, and the studio’s clients include Spike Island, Bristol Pride, ForrestBrown, Blooloop, Positive News, Whitechapel Gallery London, 38 Degrees, Bristol Ideas, Studio Voltaire & House of Voltaire, among others.

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