Spike Island

Spike Design

Spike Design offers affordable co-working space and support for creative businesses. Its dynamic community provides opportunities for skill sharing and collaborative engagement that many freelancers and small businesses lack when working in isolation.

The open plan office is home to graphic, product, digital and interactive designers as well as architects, journalists, illustrators, filmmakers and photographers. This diversity of practice generates fruitful collaborations that, along with competitive table tennis matches and fortnightly breakfasts, make for a lively atmosphere.

We offer regular one-to-one independent sessions to support creative and operational business needs, while group workshops cover topics such as business planning, tax returns and intellectual property. Talks from leading design figures stimulate discussion on contemporary practice, research and innovation. Once established, individuals and businesses often move on from Spike Design to occupy space in one of our commercial office spaces.

“Spike Design provides an ideal base to explore collaborative practice: it’s a space where you can meet people with complementary skills and where a conversation over a cup of tea can quickly grow into joint ventures.”
former tenant Wilf Whitty

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