Spike Island

Discussion: Art and Its Materials


Thursday 2 March 2017, 6–7.30pm


£5, £3 concessions
Free for Spike Associates

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This is the first of four events exploring the relationship between art, aesthetics and contemporary materialism. For this seminar, Clive Cazeaux (Professor of Aesthetics at Cardiff School of Art and Design, Wales) explores the relationship between metaphor and art making.

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Materials, technologies, found objects and situations have properties of their own, and a significant part of the pleasure in making is exploring what these properties can do, where they can lead, and what they make possible. There is also a metaphorical dimension to making in that, while materials, etc. have properties of their own, manipulating them artistically can take their properties somewhere else, have them evoke or suggest properties of an entirely different nature. On the one hand, this can give the material or object in question a poetic power. On the other, the meaning can be unexpected and can work against the original intention. This seminar discusses the metaphorical nature of making in contemporary art, and what it means to have ideas other than your own rush in and take over.

This event is organised in partnership with the Philosophy Programme and Social Sciences in the City, University of the West of England (UWE) and the Working Group on Contemporary Materialism. 

Clive Cazeaux

Clive Cazeaux is Professor of Aesthetics at Cardiff School of Art and Design, Wales, UK. He works on the philosophies of metaphor, visual thinking, artistic research, and art–science practice. His books include: Art, Research, Philosophy (2017), The Continental Aesthetics Reader (2011), and Metaphor and Continental Philosophy: From Kant to Derrida (2007).

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