Spike Island

Behind the Scenes Studio VisitsPlenderleith Scantlebury


Saturday 18 March 2017, 2pm


Free, booking advised

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Behind the Scenes Studio Visits

Fabricators and producers Plenderleith Scantlebury offer an insider’s view into how they work with artists to give form to their ideas.

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Behind the Scenes Studio Visits

Chat with artists based at Spike Island, explore their studios and view works-in-progress during these informal encounters. Each artist gives a brief introduction to their practice followed by an opportunity for questions and discussion.

Plenderleith Scantlebury

Plenderleith Scantlebury, specialist fabricators and producers of fine art and design, are based in a workshop at Spike Island.

Mark Plenderleith has over 25 years professional experience specialising in sculpture and engineering. He also has a background in screenprinting and model-making for film and advertising and has worked alongside photographers, art directors and agencies worldwide.

Lisa Scantlebury is a practicing artist. After graduating in ceramics from Cardiff Arts Institute she worked in the theme park, film and TV industries, gaining an extensive knowledge of materials within manufacturing and contemporary art practice.

Experts in large scale mould making and casting, they have been collaborators and business partners since 2004. They work closely with contemporary artists to realise their projects from the conceptual stage through to final installation, drawing on their ongoing research and development of fabrication methods and materials to produce the highest quality sculpture. Plenderleith Scantlebury also provide consultancy services to organisations such as the Scottish Sculpture Workshop, create bespoke displays and interactive models for museums, and fabricate props for television, film and advertising.