Tom Marshman, image courtesy Ibolya Feher

I Am Making ArtTalking Objects

Saturday 6 May 2017, 2–6pm

Alexander Stevenson <I>Chimera Scotia</I> (2014) Wicker, outdoor fabrics, and a passing hiker

I Am Making ArtCostume Concepts

Saturday 4 March 2017, 2–6pm

Courtesy Lady Lucy

I Am Making ArtCollaged Characters

Saturday 4 February 2017, 2–6pm

Bristol Print Collective (2015) Photograph by Vicky Willmott

I Am Making ArtHey Press-To!

Saturday 3 December 2016, 2–6pm

Courtesy Ben Owen

I Am Making ArtThe medium is the crumplage (after Jiří Kolář)

Saturday 5 November 2016, 2–6pm

I Am Making ArtClaymation

Saturday 8 October 2016, 2–6pm

Bridget Alexander <I>Light Leaks </i> (2011) pinhole photographs, courtesy Bridget Alexander

I Am Making ArtBridget AlexanderPinhole Pictures

Saturday 3 September 2016, 2–6pm

Libita Clayton, <i>DIG IT?</i> (2016)

I Am Making ArtLibita ClaytonBadges, Builders & Vagabonds

Saturday 20 August 2016, 2–6pm

I Am Making ArtEast Bristol Contemporary I am Making Goals

Saturday 9 July 2016, 2–6pm

Image courtesy Éilis Kirby

I Am Making ArtMaking Stuff

Saturday 4 June 2016, 12–4pm

Georgia Hall, <I> to tie</I> (2015)

I Am Making ArtIndustrial Sculpture

Saturday 7 May 2016, 12–4pm

I am Making Art at Spike Island

I Am Making ArtCardboard Costumes

Saturday 2 April 2016, 12–4pm