Spike Island

Andrea Luka Zimmerman Estate, a ReverieExtended online screening


19 to 28 June 2017

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In light of the tragic loss of life at Grenfell Tower, North Kensington, and as a mark of respect, we extended the screening of Estate, a Reverie online until midnight on Wednesday 28 June 2017.

Estate, a Reverie (2015) is a film forged by community, a spirited celebration of extraordinary everyday humanity. The film was central to Common Ground, Andrea Luka Zimmerman’s first UK solo exhibition, presented at Spike Island from 8 April to 18 June 2017, celebrating strategies of social and cultural resistance and proposed new ways of living together in the face of a threatened idea of the ‘common good'.

We encourage donations to support the victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster via the below links:

Make a donation to help North Kensington Law Centre assist victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster and ensure they get access to justice and legal support.

Make a donation to the Radical Housing Network for a 'fighting fund' for Grenfell Action Group.

The film tracks the long drawn out closure of the Haggerston Estate in East London and the utopian promise of social housing it once offered. Filmed over seven years, Estate, a Reverie reveals the spirited everyday humanity and resilience of residents who are habitually overlooked by media representations and wider social responses. The film portrays the complex relationships between people and the conditions in which they find themselves; asking how we might resist stereotypes of class, gender, race, ability, disability and geography.

Andrea Luka Zimmerman

Andrea Luka Zimmerman is an artist, cultural activist and filmmaker. She grew up on a large council estate in Munich and left school at 16. After moving to London in 1991, she studied at Central St. Martins. She is a co-founder of the artists' collectives Fugitive Images and Vision Machine. Her collaborative feature drama Cycle (forthcoming) with Adrian Jackson (Cardboard Citizens) was the winner of the Artangel Open Award 2014. Her forthcoming artists feature documentary Erase and Forget (2017, 90min) premiered at the 2017 Berlin Film Festival.