Spike Island

Waking up a ShapeA Spike Associates Exhibition


3 to 5 May 2014, 11am–5pm



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At The Woodside Press, 22A Islington Road, Bristol BS3 1QB

Exhibition open Saturday 3 May, Sunday 4 May, Monday 5 May, 11am–5pm

Friday 2 May, 3–6pm
Exhibition Preview and Performances: 
Axolotl Milk Bar with Edwina Ashton & others
Pastoral, Bryony Gillard

Sunday 4 May, 6–8pm          
Event: The Daydream Is What Reality Is (Others). Curated by Hannah Still

In spring 2013, Glasgow-based artists Lauren Printy Currie and Lauren Gault invited members of Spike Associates to undertake a project exploring the nature of artistic collaboration. They began a long-distance dialogue investigating the idea of the artist as single creator of a work against the notion of collaborative practice. This culminated in an exhibition at this year’s official Glasgow International, When two or more are together, curated by Claire Feeley, and featuring work by seven artists: Associates Edwina Ashton, Anna Clawson & Nicole Ward, Bryony Gillard, Sebastian Jefford, James Parkinson and Hannah Still alongside Lauren Gault and Lauren Printy Currie.

Inspired by Ian Hamilton Finlay’s solicited contributions to the 1967 final issue of his periodical for visual poetry, Poor. Old. Tired. Horse. which required each poem be a single word, so here, each artist would contribute a single object. Like the ‘One Word Poems’, title and work come together to, using Finlay’s words, form a ‘corner’ which contains meaning. Displayed as discrete objects, each work is analogous to a single word within a poem. Each is fully autonomous in its meaning but is also a vessel for a host of associations, reflections and projections. Put together, the works generate any number of combinations and permutations from which new and often unexpected meanings emerge.

The next chapter of the exhibition titled Waking up a Shape travels to Bristol as part of the first Bristol Art Weekender, 2–5 May 2014 and then to Enclave, London in the autumn.

Supported by Spike Island, Glasgow International, Bristol Art Weekender, SWG3 and The Woodside Press.