Spike Island

Suzanne MooneyThe Edge of Collapse

21 January to 25 March 2012

This arresting new series of photographs stems from Suzanne Mooney’s interest in the potential sculptural qualities of the medium. Within her carefully composed images, an intense study of line, form and scale deliberately unsettles our perception of architectural and pictorial space.

Display devices, specifically those employed in the presentation of consumable goods, fascinate Mooney and often appear within her photographs. These empty structures become the focus and subject of the work, questioning conventional notions of function, commodity and value exchange. Other work transposes found imagery, for example of precious stones embedded in rocks, to create a lexicon of images and objects that move between the artificial and the organic.

Mooney utilises various printing techniques and paper types to harness a tension between an object and its representation. The artist only employs in-camera techniques, rather than digital manipulation, to reinforce the photograph’s status as an enigmatic document of reality.

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Spike Island