Spike Island

Exhibition: Harriet Bowman All Round-er (sad sale)

21 July to 23 September 2018

Free entry

Preview: Friday 20 July, 6–9pm

Harriet Bowman (b. 1990, based in Bristol) works with sculpture and writing. For her solo exhibition, All Round-er (sad sale), Bowman presents a new body of ceramic, leather, metal and sound works based on an ongoing narrative. This text – a key part of the artist’s process similar to making preliminary sketches – follows a fictional character called Fled who explores Bowman’s own curiosities for cars, horsepower and the language of advertising. Her writing generates symbolic objects that act as physical footnotes to the text. In the exhibition these objects are revealed in a theatrical diorama. 

‘…as Fled lingered behind the animal, he started to really look at the horse in comparison to his own body… Fled often thought about his own body in comparison to his Audi, but never to a horse...’

A local tannery, Thomas Ware & Sons, is the site of Bowman’s primary research for this exhibition, influencing her use of leatherwork and also a sound work inspired by the workers’ bell.

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Harriet Bowman’s All Round-er (sad sale) is supported by The Gane Trust, Thomas Ware & Sons Ltd. and Artisans.

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