Spike Island

Situations Supper ClubScreening and Q&A with artists Jack Brindley and Lucas Clayton (BC System)


Tuesday 5 November 2013, 6pm


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Artists Jack Brindley and Lucas Clayton will screen a new film, produced as a response to their 8-week residency with Situations to offer their services as public art providers in Bristol. Provocative, witty, irreverent and sometimes defeatist, the artists published proposals for artworks that challenged thinking about where public art belongs, who it is for and what value it can have. Under the moniker BC System, they undertook to realise as many of these artworks as possible: offering Bristol residents the chance to be tattooed with the word ‘Forever’, advertising free taxi rides in the night-club district of the city centre, and working without wage at a commercial art fair in exchange for publicity. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with both artists, addressing the politics of labour-exchange, alternative economies and the use of public money to fund subcultural activities. Throughout the evening’s discussion, audience members will be invited to participate in a sushi-rolling session, providing sustenance to the artists and fellow-audience members.

Entrance to Situations Supper Club is free, but spaces (and sushi!) are limited. Please rsvp to admin@spikeisland.org.uk.

BC System was commissioned as part ofNew Situationists, a programme dedicated to supporting artists to experiment and to test out ideas in the public realm for the first time. Launched to coincide with the opening of Bloomberg New Contemporaries at Spike Island, BC System were chosen to undertake the commission following an open-call to all New Contemporaries artists since 2010.

Situations is an award-winning visual arts organisation which commissions and produces projects by contemporary artists for public sites and situations. Established in 2002 and based in Bristol, UK, Situations has achieved international recognition for its programme of projects, publications and events which challenge preconceptions about where, how and when public art takes place. Situations is supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. 

Jack Brindley

Jack Brindley is interested in the way in which we think about, navigate through and operate within space. His research and writing focuses largely on the fluid and transitory state of public space now – something that he both acknowledges and challenges through his work. Jack also questions the current and continuous flux of ‘pop up’ spaces in the public realm and how this may relate to definitions of contemporary labour. At the centre of his practice is an interest in the way in which objects and material gestures exist in the world, it is through this interest that his agency as an artist emerges.  

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Lucas Clayton

Lucas Clayton is a recent graduate of the Painting programme at the Royal College of Art. Lucas uses sculpture, painting, photography and installation to create interrelated, open frameworks which are concerned with ideas of negation, absence and presence, systems of power and exchange and subcultural uses of materials.

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