Spike Island

Bohm DialogueWith artist Hester Reeve


Saturday 5 November 2016, 10am–5pm


Free, booking advised

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Experience Bohm Dialogue, based on the theory of world-renowned physicist and philosopher David Bohm (1917–1992). Bohm Dialogue offers a simple yet revealing process of understanding and micro-change made possible by a group of people committing to ‘meeting’ together over the course of a specified amount of time and through adherence to a few radical principles.

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"...it is proposed that a form of free dialogue may well be one of the most effective ways of investigating the crisis which faces society, and indeed the whole of human nature and consciousness today. Moreover, it may turn out that such a form of free exchange of ideas and information is of fundamental relevance for transforming culture and freeing it of destructive misinformation, so that creativity can be liberated.– David Bohm

Hester Reeve

Hester Reeve is an artist and Reader in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University. She trained as a facilitator of Bohm Dialogue with the charity Prison Dialogue (under Peter Garrett, a colleague of Bohm) and has convened groups in a variety of contexts from prisons, fine art departments, alternative educational institutions to live art festivals.

More details about Bohm’s Dialogue can be read here.