Spike Island

Rogue Game Symposium

Saturday 29 September 2012, 12–10pm

£4 Spike Associates
Booking advised

Rogue Game acts a metaphor for how we inhabit the urban environment / Rogue Game asks: Are you a spectator or player? / Rogue Game uses play as a device to reconfigure familiar territories, and activities, to worry at the borders between participation and performance / Rogue Game instigates a social process in the production of the exhibition / Rogue Game is a collective endeavour

A symposium in four quarters, this event explores the construction of situations in which roles shift and rules are broken. Attendees and invited speakers Warren & Mosley, Bridget Crone, Paul O’Neill, Emily Pethick, Louis Rice and Axel Wieder consider play, transgression and hybridisation as speculative devices within the gallery and the wider urban realm. Artist Can Altay facilitates the discussions via Skype.

Warm up:
Welcome and introduction to Rogue Game

First quarter:
Rogue Game, First Play live match

Second quarter: “Scripted Spaces, Performed Collectivities” with Emily Pethick, Bridget Crone and Paul O’Neill, followed by a group discussion led by Can Altay

Third quarter: “Hybrid Logics and Negotiations Within” with Louis Rice and Axel Wieder, followed by a group discussion led by Can Altay

5.30pm till late
Fourth quarter: evening social with drinks, food and music, featuring a performance by the Collect, A performance in 48 parts (work in progress)

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