Spike Island

Artists' Games Night

Thursday 20 September 2012, 6pm

Free, no booking required

Join us for a social evening of play, competition and experimentation.

Inspired by Rogue Game, Bristol-based collective the Collect have gathered together a whole bunch of games by and inspired by artists – card games, board games, dice games, chess games, puzzle games, hard games, easy games, experiments, follies and adventures.

Activities range from Surrealist and Fluxus exercises to more recent projects including Olivia Plender’s board game Set Sail for the Levant, Local No. 12’s Metagame and video game Proteus. A full list of games is available on the Collect's website.

Spike Café serves up hot pizzas and cold drinks to fuel the night’s ludic pursuits: a bottle of Becks or glass of wine and a slice for £5, or a soft drink and a slice for £4.

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Spike Island