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Richard Broomhall

Richard Broomhall

Richard Broomhall, Severn Sea (2017). CG animation still from mixed media installation

Studio 26b

Richard Broomhall wants to understand why life inside The Cloud means that the The Cloud has to live within us too.

He begins with coastal locations where subsea fibre optics make landfall, exploring how the infrastructure of fibre optic networks inscribe and intertwine the politics of corporate and national power into landscapes and citizens’ bodies. An ongoing study of the politics of light and the seemingly indelible electronic shadows it casts across the dreams of the human race. He’s currently working with Sabrina, Goddess of the River Severn, to try and unpick this mess, and she suggested that he should speak to the robot sharks. They have been surprisingly forthcoming.

When he’s not knee deep in mud on a river estuary he’s one facet of Back in 5 Minutes Squad, who imagine possible futures, taking a tongue-in-cheek look at the post-apocalyptic, the nihilistic, the existential and the revolutionary through the lens of popular culture.

Recent festivals and exhibitions include: Severn Sea, Contains Art (2017); Baltic 39 Figure Four (2017); Inland Art Festival (2016); BBC Countryfile (2016); Stuttgarter Film Winter (2015); Flatpack Film Festival (2015). He has been funded by Arts Council England, Spike Studios and Private Entities.

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