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Phil Toy

Phil Toy

Aynmortaliva - Findings from the Tribe.

Studio 109

Phil Toy has exhibited widely including in London, Berlin, Hannover, and Bosnia, and has held many art-related roles including chairing committees and working as a Selector for Axis Masters.

Recent exhibitions include: Galeria Zeitzone, Berlin; Centrespace Gallery, Bristol (both 2017); Scratching the Veneer, Edwardian Cloakrooms, Bristol; Slider, group exhibition of slides celebrating Artspace 40; Austerity and Out of the Archive, Bath Central Library, Fringe Art Bath (all 2016).

Toy is interested in the relationship between beliefs and science, rationality/irrationality, the juxtaposition of order/disorder; how the world is categorised. What he believes and does creates his identity. What he believes may not be true. Categories give definition and order which may not be true but may be preferable to existential madness. Museological displays often reference how categories are used, hence the use of plexiglass vitrines in some of his work. The interaction of two and three dimensions is also a persistent feature.

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