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Mark Samsworth

Mark Samsworth

Mark Samsworth. KIM. (2017) Marble, xerographic print, stone with concretion

Studio 78b

Mark Samsworth (b. 1963) is a lecturer at Bristol School of Art. His work centres on ideas of myth and belief, with particular reference to the role of the observer. Working across a range of disciplines, including writing, making and moving image, Samsworth plays with a sense of failure and the framing of hierarchies, histories and ergonomic expediency. Swimming and flying are important to his work.

Samsworth has undertaken on the south coast of England (2017) and contributed to the exhibitions: Stollen (All I Want For Christmas) (2017), May Day May Day All Works Will Be Shown (2017), Operation Skye (2017), Oriel Davies Open (2016), Saga (Tamaran), Gran Canaria (2016) and Loft Projekte, Berlin (2016). He is currently a co-ordinator and curator for Test Space at Spike Island and Test Space International.

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