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Watchout Media server



Watchout Media server

Display resolutions: 4 x 4K at 30Hz – 4 x 1080i/p, plus wide variety of display options.

Dataton WATCHOUT is a software-based production and playback system for multi-display applications.

Our purpose built media server acts as a powerful display PC to run a show with four simultaneous ProRes quality outputs and multi-channel uncompressed audio. A show can be composed off-line with free Dataton production software using any Windows PC then transferred on-line to our licenced display PC.

Create automated or live shows for any display device, any resolution and orientation. Use edge-blending, geometric correction, multi-channel audio routing and playback. Live feeds, graphics, MIDI and DMX in and out, connects with any external control system.

  • Key features and specifications

    Media formats:
    Uncompressed QuickTime, ProRes QuickTime, HAP QuickTime,
    H265, H264, MPEG2, multi-channel uncompressed Wav.

    4 x Mini Displayport from AMD FirePro W7100 card.
    Active Displayport adaptors available as required.

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