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Chapter 4: Living Softly by Lily Serendipity

Chapter 4: Living Softly by Lily Serendipity

Lily Serendipity, Living Softly, (2024)

Living Softly

Living Softly is an exploration in providing care for yourself and allowing yourself to be cared for. It centres on the idea of taking up space, owning it and personalising it by filling the space with every little thing that brings you joy, comfort, pride. It also encourages giving yourself permission to enjoy time by yourself without expectation or judgement. Allowing you to become a softer, kinder, sillier you.

The installation features a puppet self portrait of the artist existing in a soft fluff stuffed version of their ideal living / bedroom space. The space created is a humble but comforting one, with small collections of their favourite books, dvds, records and snacks scattered around.