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Chapter 3: Intimacy by Saffron Murray-Browne

Chapter 3: Intimacy by Saffron Murray-Browne

Saffron Murray-Browne, Our Bed (Installation Shot), (2024)


Our Bed is an exploration of the place and person that makes me feel most cared for. I filmed my partner and myself falling asleep, taking an instance of comfort and intimacy and introducing it into a new context.

Seeing this familiar scenario from a new perspective gave me glimpses into the incidental and gentle ways we interact that otherwise go unnoticed. Though we were filmed separately, our movements echo one another and we appear to react to each other. The ways our bodies overlap and form shapes together become emblematic of our relationship and how we spend time in each other’s company. 

I would like to invite the viewer to play the part of the voyeur, and consider their own common comforts from a new perspective.

I aimed to capture and celebrate moments of love and care, and found doing so in turn helped nurture the spaces in which they’re found.

Zine: Screenshots of Desire

I don't like to delete photos. On my phone I have 6058 screenshots. This is a collection of 18 of those that show moments of desire, love and longing.

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