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Chapter 1: Preparing for a nesting ritual by eden

Chapter 1: Preparing for a nesting ritual by eden

eden, 'Preparing for a resting ritual' (film)


In nesting and in ritual there are four common steps: gathering, preparing/transporting, assembling, and birthing/egg-laying/casting.

In this chapter, there are three different elements: a performance film, a soundscape, and a piece of music. I invite you to use the work to create a nest in response to your surroundings. 

Gathering: Gather your device/s to play the film and audio pieces. 

Preparing: Load the film/audio so they are ready to play and prepare your space by, for example, dimming the lights.

Assembling: Place your device/s in your space however you choose.

Casting: Press play on your devices and experience my/your/our nest.

This structure is a suggestion, I encourage you to play and explore nesting with the media by, for example, showing the film on multiple screens, overlapping audio, or incorporating your own materials for nesting. 

eden, Preparing for a resting ritual (music)
eden, Preparing for a resting ritual (audio)

This chapter is a record of my preparations for a nesting ritual.

Nests, to me, are representative of both safe spaces and ritual: being a home for eggs/young and commonly part of a mating ritual.

Ritual spellcasting often includes the magic circle: a notion in witchcraft of a space designed to house, protect and amplify intention. 

In exploring both of these elements, I began with writing (poems/intentions/incantations) before transforming and overlapping the writing into sigils: shapes believed to enhance intention. The sigils around the nest in the film spell out “in this space i/you/we build my/your/our nest”, I then processed this phrase through a musical cipher to create a piece of musical canon. Through movement, I improvised with the stages of ritual/nest building as stimuli, which you can see throughout the film: in the live work, this is performed throughout in a similar way.

Can a safe space only exist if those in it are intending for it to be a safe, caring space? That is the purpose of my nesting ritual, to create that space, if only for the duration of the spell.

a nest is a circle 

a nest is a home

a nest is assembled/sculpted

a nest is an assemblage, a sculpture

a nest is made of things that have been touched, placed by hand/beak/claw

a nest is formed of found things

a nest is a task for one (being/body/collective)

a nest is buried in the earth/lays nestled on soil/hangs from the tree

a nest is a space to lie down

a nest is a bed/shelter/fortress

a nest is sat amongst others on the bough, etched out of the sky in the leafless crown of the tree

a nest is comforting/warming/protecting 

a nest is a ritual artefact

a nest is impermanent, it changes with the wheel of the year

a nest is scavenged/sourced/gathered from its surroundings

a nest is made to share

a nest is unlike any other nest, it is an echo rather than a reflection

a nest is safe (or, is safer)

a nest is an act of care