Spike Island

EAWVR62, Passive full range PA Speaker

The VR62 is engineered for superior sound and unobtrusive
installation.  The rotatable horn makes beamwidth orientation
independent of mounting direction, allowing the VR62 to be
installed under balconies or on stage lips as easily as it can be
mounted on walls or suspended from ceilings.

  • Operating Mode Passive
  • Operating Range 80 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Beamwidth 90° (h) x 60° (v)
  • Power Handling/Output 250W (8 ohm) - 116dB SPL (long term)
  • Connections Barrier strip
  • Rigging/Mounting Integral mounting points
  • Dimensions/Weight 22.3" (h) x 9.5" (w) x 10.65" (d); 25 lbs

Hire enquiry contact -andy.moss@spikeisland.org.uk

£8 per day / £24 per week

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