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Designers' talkÅbäke


Tuesday 6 September 2011, 6–8pm


Free for Spike Associates
Booking advised


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Seriously Forks X, A talk about talks.

Note to self: Never fall into entertainment and be aware of digressions. Avoid starting sentences by "so...". Keep hydrated; water is good but do not manipulate the bottle during the talk. Thank the hosts, look at the audience, focus on the ones who smile but don't forget the others. Never assume they know. Never assume they don't. Answer questions clearly. Don't worry if some people leave, it might be for another reason than the quality of the talk. Dress well. Disguise being nervous by cracking a few jokes. Find new jokes. Find contextually sound jokes. Improvise new things to say on a few slides, check reactions. Pace yourself. Enjoy.

Åbäke is a group of four graphic designers working from London since 2000. They are self confessed ‘content’ junkies. Patrick Lacey is from the UK, Kajsa Stahl from Sweden, Benjamin Reichen and Maki Suzuki from France. They decided to work together in the summer of 2000.

Their work includes posters, CD designs, furniture pieces, and installations in art galleries and public spaces. Åbäke has done a lot of work involving fashion and music, and it also has another company called Kitsuné, which is a clothing and record label. Åbäke also co-edit a magazine, Sexymachinery. They are also singers, painters, and photographers, members of bands, furniture designers, curators, fashion designers, DJs, teachers, and pen manufacturers.

Åbäke's website